Kim Harrell Silversmith & Jewelry Design


The curated selection showcases a variety of work across several collections from the last 14 years and a few pieces from my college days. View my current works, commissions and silversmithing to get inspired for your own custom piece!


Sharing news, images, thoughts, articles, ideas and inspirations that feed my work. Open studio sales occur annually. Follow me on social media and sign up for the monthly newsletter to get the latest first.

I make what I make because it gives me satisfaction to manipulate and transform the metal and unleash the beauty of the materials I use. My work in metal often shows the marks of my efforts and process – reflecting the imprints of my hammers and tools. When I am finished, it is time for you to make your marks, your history and take pleasure in your object - that is my gift to you.

- Kim Harrell

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